There are a lot of ways to protect your paint and make it shine. There are so many options it can be hard to choose which is best. VIP Detailing, a Utah Mobile Car Detailing business, has put this blog together to give you the basics between products so you can decide which is right for you. It is important to understand your options and the aspects of the product. Longevity, how durable the product is and how well it protects. Appearance, the visual impact the product makes.  And the Hydrophobic Properties, the strength of water beading and sheeting it will give.


Wax is a product that protects and enhances your car’s clear coat. The longevity of wax is low to moderate. The protection from wax lasts anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks and it is best to reapply before the wax fades away. Wax puts a barrier between your car’s clear coat and the environmental factors of the outside world such as rain, UV rays, and bird droppings. The appearance and aesthetics of your car after it is applied will be high. Wax will enhance your painted finish. The hydrophobic properties of wax are medium to high, your car will repel water and have significant water beading.


Paint Sealants are chemically designed products meant to protect your car’s surface while providing a glossy, mirror-like shine. The longevity of paint sealants is moderate to high, these products provide excellent protection and durability. Paint sealants protect your car’s paint for 4 to 6 months, a much more impressive lifespan compared to wax. The aesthetics of paint sealant products is moderate as they give your paint gloss and depth. The hydrophobic properties of paint sealants is moderate, your car will have serious water sheeting and will not have a problem repelling water. Simply put, paint sealants give depth and a mirror-like shine to your car’s paint while providing durable and strong protection.


These products are often misunderstood. These products are used to mask imperfections and fill in damage in the clear coat to make your car’s appearance “showroom” ready. The durability of these products are very low as they are used for short-term enhancement. These products also provide little to none hydrophobic properties. Again, the main purpose of these products are to increase the appearance and aesthetics of your vehicle. The aesthetics that glaze products offer are high as they provide a dramatic enhancement of gloss to give a little extra “pop” on your car’s finish.


Ceramic Coatings are recent technology that are the ultimate product in protection, aesthetics, and hydrophobic properties. It passes all these tests with extremely high results. Think of ceramic coatings as adding a thin layer of glass on top your clear coat which adds extreme glossiness and protection. In other words, ceramic coatings are a clear coat for your clear coat. Coatings form a cured, clear, hydrophobic barrier that is more durable and glossier than your car’s clear coat. Ceramic coatings last anywhere from 1-10 years depending on the coating and the maintenance of it. However, ceramic coating applications are more expensive than the other options listed. This is because for the best results and performance of the coating the clear coat needs to be corrected back to the closest form of perfection that it can be. This takes a lot of time, product, and expertise to perform correctly. In a nutshell, coatings are absolutely worth the price as they provide the most durable protection and give a ‘sleeker’ shine than any other product.


There are no rules when it comes to choosing a product for your vehicle, but there are some clear frontrunners depending on how you maintain you car and what you desire for your vehicle. By using VIP Detailing, we can help you come to a conclusion on what is best for your car and we can apply it using the proper processes and high-end products.

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