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What is A ceramic coating?

You wouldn’t get in your best dress clothes right after playing outside would you? So why would we apply a ceramic coating to a vehicle’s surface before it is properly cleaned and prepared? Here is our preparation steps before applying a ceramic coating:

How do ceramic coatings work?
How do you prepare for ceramic protection?

Our Easy 5-Step Process

Step one is the ceramic coating processing.

The first step of preparation for the ceramic coating application is properly washing the vehicle using a foam cannon and an agitation wash using the two-bucket method.

    Chemical Decontamination

    The next step is to decontaminate the paint, this ensures maximum bond for the ceramic coating. We then use chemicals such as iron removers to pull out any deposits or contaminates from your vehicle’s paint.

    Step 2 in the ceramic coating process in Utah.
    Ceramic coating process in Utah - Clay bar.
    Mechanical Decontamination

    Next, a clay bar or clay disc will be rubbed against the paint to unclog the pours of your car’s clear coat by pulling out the embedded contaminates that did not get removed by chemicals.


    The last step in the preparation process for ceramic coatings is using paint preparation solution to remove any last minute oils or residue left on the paint. This is required for the ceramic protection to adhere to the paint flawlessly.

      Ceramic coating a car in Utah.
      Next, does your car need paint enhancement or paint correction?
      Option 1
      Paint Enhancement

      This is improvement, not correction. A one-step process that removes any minor and light defects and will leave a great finish. We are not chasing down large and deep scratches, but extra shine in the cars clear coat. This is a great option for daily drivers and commuter cars because we are adding ‘pop’ to the paint without sacrificing the clear coat.

        Option 2
        Paint Correction

        This is not a simple task, we are going for 95% defect removal. This is a 2 to 3 step intensive process that will fix as many scratches and imperfections as possible. When correcting paint, we are shooting for a mirror-like finish. We do this by taking off small layers of clear coat through heavy to medium cutting and polishing. This is a great option for garage kept cars or show cars.

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          What is ceramic coating protection?

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          Everything You Need To Know About Ceramic Coatings

          Washing your car, applying a wax every few months, and constantly repeating is not an effective way of keeping your car in stellar condition. What if I told you there is a better way? A solution that will keep your car ‘showroom ready’ with just a little regular maintenance. This solution doesn’t require your attention every month, in fact, this is a one-time affair that you apply and forget about for years. The solution is a ceramic coating. 

          What Is A Ceramic Coating

          You can think of ceramic coatings as a protection layer that is like a layer of glass over your vehicle’s paint. A ceramic coating is applied by hand to the paint of the vehicle and creates a permanent or semi-permanent bond to the vehicle’s paint. In other words, a ceramic coating does not wash away and does not need repeated application every few months. This glass-like layer is more durable than your car’s clear coat, because of this you can expect:

          • Maximum Protection From Harmful UV Rays
          • Protection From Natural Elements That Build Up As You Drive
          • Mirror-Like Gloss
          • Ease Of Cleaning Due To The Hydrophobic Nature
          • Substantial Value Increase To Your Vehicle

          What A Ceramic Coating Is Not

          Just like anything else, there are weaknesses. Deciding if they are deal breakers or not is up to you. These are not down sides; just things a ceramic coating does not do:

          • Ceramic Coatings Do Not Prevent Scratches and Swirl Marks Introduced From Bad Washing / Drying Techniques
          • Protection From Hard Water Spot Build Up
          • Stopping The Need To Wash the Car

          Are They Worth It?

          To sum it up, ceramic coatings are absolutely worth it. After weighing what a ceramic coating is and what it is not, it is clear that ceramic coatings offer great benefits that will add value to your car. Reach out to VIP Detailing, a Utah Mobile Car Detailing business, to discuss ceramic coating options and what fits best for your situation!

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