Paint Enhancement vs. Paint Correction

Got swirls? Paint enhancement and paint correction are services that VIP Mobile Detailing offers that will remove marring, scratches, swirl marks, and other defects in your car’s clear coat. These services are perfect for daily drivers, older cars, new cars, and show cars. If you are looking to keep the finish of your paint shiny and ‘popping’ then this is for you! 

How do you know if you need paint enhancement or paint correction?


In paint enhancement we use finer grades of polishes that use light abrasives to bring the flake or pearl back into your paint color. The goal of paint enhancement is improvement not perfection. We are not working to get the paint swirl free, we are working to remove top layer defects that take away your car’s shine. After this service your paint will look significantly enhanced with depth. 

  • We recommend this service for daily drivers and new cars that are looking to get a ceramic coating installed.


In paint correction, the first step is to apply a medium to heavy compound to the car’s paint around the entire vehicle. This compound has heavy abrasives which takes more clear coat defects out than a finer polish. After this step your car’s paint will look dull and hazy, this is when we go back around the vehicle with finer grades of polish (like we do in paint enhancement) to revitalize the paint’s finish. Paint correction is not a simple task, we are going for 95% defect removal. We work to fix as many scratches and imperfections as possible to restore that mirror-like finish.

  • We recommend this service for cars you really care about keeping nice, daily drivers that you plan on keeping forever, cars you are wanting to sell to get the best value, and cars looking to get long-term ceramic coating.

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