Car Detailing vs. Automatic Car Wash. Which one is better?

Why You Should Choose Detailing Over An Automatic Wash

As a car owner, the most cost effective and convenient way to clean your car might seem to take it to an automatic car wash. Yes it is quick and fast, but is it really worth visiting an automatic car wash to clean your car? As much as they are convenient, automatic car washes can be damaging to the paintwork of your vehicle. This is because the brushes and pads are not rinsed and cleaned frequently or properly. Even the tiniest molecule of dirt can and will scratch your paint.  Imagine what will happen to your car’s paint after you go through the same tunnel that multiple dirty cars have already passed through? Even though you may feel like you are doing good for your car by getting it washed, you are actually introducing scratches and swirls to the paint. Using professional mobile car detailers like VIP Detailing will allow you to experience a more in-depth cleaning procedure using the proper techniques to restore your vehicle back to that “brand-new condition” all from the convenience of your driveway!

The Truth About Tunnel Washes

The truth is, tunnel washes are not the safest or smartest way to clean your car. Automatic car washes do not only have the chance of damaging your clear coat, but they can damage other vital parts as well. In fact, there are some occasions where they have ripped off antennas, side view mirrors, and even bumpers.  When peak hours arrive, it does not make sense for a car wash to shut down to rinse and clean the brushes. This means more debris and dirt buildup in the tunnel, which ultimately has more of a chance to scratch your paint.

The Truth About Touchless Washes 

Touchless washes seem to be the most widely recommended type of car wash because they tend to be less damaging to your vehicle’s paint. But that does not mean they are completely safe. Although there are no brushes or pads rubbing against your paint, the high pressurised streams of water sends dirt flying which rubs across the surfaces of your car’s paint. Because of this, you have a risk of scratching and damaging your clear coat. Also, because there is no agitation during the washing process, these tunnels will use harsh chemicals and soaps to make-up the strength of their cleaning. Unfortunately, these products also do a good job of stripping wax and protectants off your car, which leaves the paint unprotected and if these chemicals are used on an unprotected vehicles they can actually eat the clear coat away.

“Cookie-Cutter” Washes

At the end of the day, automatic car washes will not clean your car as well as a hand wash will. Automatic car washes are made designed for all types of cars, not just your vehicle. This means when you take your car to the car wash you are getting a “cookie-cutter” cleaning. There is nothing worse than having a “clean car” with some dirty spots that got missed.  

How VIP Detailing Solves These Problems?

By using VIP Detailing, you can be assured that your car is cleaned using the proper products and techniques that will keep your vehicle in “brand-new” condition. We use the two bucket method along with the proper wash mitts, towels, and soaps, that delivers a clean and harmless wash. Cleaning a car should not be a “one-size fits all” cleaning! Cars are designed different from each other and each car will be in a different condition, washing and cleaning should be specific to what that certain need is. VIP helps solve the problem of automatic washes by offering our “weekly-wash” subscription to save your car from a one size fits all auto-wash world. Give your car the best treatment it deserves, the VIP treatment!

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