Is Ceramic Coating Worth It?

Are Ceramic Coatings Worth It?

If you are reading this blog you are probably interested in getting your vehicle ceramic coated but may be wondering, “are ceramic coatings worth it?”. Generally, there are two types of customers. Number one, the customer that knows they want their vehicle ceramic coated but don’t necessarily know what is the best ceramic coating for their vehicle. And number two, the customer considering a ceramic coating but doesn’t know if they are necessary for their regular Toyota Camry or Mini Van. After training, becoming certified ceramic coating installers, and applying ceramic coatings we can 100% say that ceramic coatings are just as appropriate for the expensive exotic cars as they are for the daily drivers. Driving a car unprotected is just like going into a football game with no helmet or pads. No one would ever do it and no one would suggest or advise that you do it! Yet, we will pay thousands or tens of thousands for our vehicles and drive them completely unprotected because people are unaware that there is a very affordable and logical way for you to protect and maintain your car throughout the ownership of your vehicle; this is through ceramic coatings.

What Ceramic Coating Is Best For Me? How Much Should I Spend?

We understand that not every customer is the same and not every vehicle is the same. Some customers want the ceramic coating protection without having to drain their saving account to get it. This is why we work 1-on-1 with our customers to make sure we find a bill that works with their budget while still receiving the long-term protection for their investment. Your vehicle is typically your second largest investment next to your home, it is important to be responsible and to protect your investment. VIP Auto Detailing, a ceramic coating installer in the northern Utah area wants to work with you to give you the ceramic coating protection on your investment all within a bill that works for you!

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