Everything You Need To Know About Ceramic Coatings

Washing your car, applying a wax every few months, and constantly repeating is not an effective way of keeping your car in stellar condition. What if I told you there is a better way? A solution that will keep your car ‘showroom ready’ with just a little regular maintenance. This solution doesn’t require your attention every month, in fact, this is a one-time affair that you apply and forget about for years. The solution is a ceramic coating. 

What Is A Ceramic Coating

You can think of ceramic coatings as a protection layer that is like a layer of glass over your vehicle’s paint. A ceramic coating is applied by hand to the paint of the vehicle and creates a permanent or semi-permanent bond to the vehicle’s paint. In other words, a ceramic coating does not wash away and does not need repeated application every few months. This glass-like layer is more durable than your car’s clear coat, because of this you can expect:

  • Maximum Protection From Harmful UV Rays
  • Protection From Natural Elements That Build Up As You Drive
  • Mirror-Like Gloss
  • Ease Of Cleaning Due To The Hydrophobic Nature
  • Substantial Value Increase To Your Vehicle

What A Ceramic Coating Is Not

Just like anything else, there are weaknesses. Deciding if they are deal breakers or not is up to you. These are not down sides; just things a ceramic coating does not do:

  • Ceramic Coatings Do Not Prevent Scratches and Swirl Marks Introduced From Bad Washing / Drying Techniques
  • Protection From Hard Water Spot Build Up
  • Stopping The Need To Wash the Car

Are They Worth It?

To sum it up, ceramic coatings are absolutely worth it. After weighing what a ceramic coating is and what it is not, it is clear that ceramic coatings offer great benefits that will add value to your car. Reach out to VIP Detailing, a Utah Mobile Car Detailing business, to discuss ceramic coating options and what fits best for your situation!

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